Earthquake Valves & Gas Piping

Earthquake Valves & Gas Piping


Earthquake Valves

Earthquake valves are installed to protect you and your home during an earthquake from any possible gas leak. Our technicians are qualified to install earthquake valves to your main house line as required by the Department of Building and Safety, as well as, many insurance plans. While it is possible to manually shut off your natural gas, an Earthquake natural gas shut off valve automatically shuts off your gas when an earthquake occurs protecting you and your home.


Gas Piping

Weather you have a gas leak, need to run a gas line or relocating a gas appliance, our technicians are qualified in this field. Natural gas is an environmentally clean source of energy for heating, cooking and electricity generation.

How to you know that you have a gas leak?

  • Look. Look to see if theres any dead of dying vegetation around the gas pipe. This is a sign that you may have a gas leak.

  • Smell. Natural gas is vaporous and invisible to the eyes but has a “rotten egg” like smell that accompanies it.

  • Listen. Listen for a hissing sound or roaring sound from gas pipe locations.

If you suspect you have a gas leak evacuate the premises and immediately call the SoCalGas Company 1(800)427-2200. No leak is too small to report.

When planning to running a gas line or relocating a gas appliance its important to hire a licensed professional. Our technicians are experienced in;

  • Clothing Driers

  • Wall Heaters

  • Stoves

  • Gas Mains buried underground

  • BBQ gas lines

  • Pool Heater lines

  • Gas Heating lamps for patios