Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips

Water Conservation

The lack of rainfall in California has resulted in 63% of the states population living in a dry region reported by That means that over 23 million Californians are living in a drought. It’s important, especially in the LA Country, an abnormally dry area, to be conscious of our water use. Below are a few helpful tips that can help save you water.

Why does water conservation matter?

Water is essential to our existence. Conserving water can be beneficial from an economic stand to an an environmental.

  • Water equals life. Everything in life needs water to survive.

  • Using less water equal means more money in your pockets. By changing your lifestyle and adopting water conservation techniques you’ll have to pay less in water bills ultimately saving you money.

  • Protecting our eco-system. Ocean, lakes, and rivers are the habitat of diverse ecosystems.

  • Conserving water can save energy. To pump, and transfer water from the source to your home requires large amounts of energy. In California, 6.5 percent of energy spent was used to transfer water from the source to its destination.

  • Reduce sinkhole occurrences. When natural aquifers run low a gap forms where water once occupied. Gravity pushes the ground above, caving in and forming a sinkhole.

5 Water saving plumbing fixtures

  1. Instal a pressure reducing valve(PRV) on your main water line. A home can function on 35psi but most homes are set higher. Have a plumber instal a PRV.

  2. Instal performance shower heads to save 30 percent of you shower water. A standard shower head uses 2.5 gallons per minute of water while a performance shower head uses 1.75 gallons per minute.

  3. Instal high efficiency toilet with the Environmental Protection Agency “water sense” label. The majority of us use older toilets that flush with 3.5 gallons per flush. Switching toilets can save you “thousands” of gallons a year.

  4. Instal recirculating hot water system. Re-circulating hot water kits work with your present water tank to deliver hot water quickly to the shower and faucets. This stops cold water from being wasted down the drain while waiting for the hot water to kick in.

  5. Instal water saving faucets. By dropping the gallons used per minute from about 2.2 gpm to about 1.5 gpm, new redesigned faucets are also saving about 30 percent of your faucet water without sacrificing good pressure. Some kitchen faucets also have special built-in filtered-water taps that allow you to make your own bottled water.

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