Repipes & Remodels

Repipes & Remodels


Weather you’re planning a remodel or facing an unexpected repipe, it’s always smart to contact a professional technician. When it comes to your water, sewer and gas lines it’s best to leave it to the professionals.


Sewer LIne Replacement

A main sewer line is located under the property connecting the building to the cities sewer. This line is the only way for wastewater to exit the home. A sewer line may already have roots or cracks but a complete sewer line failure is costly. It’s important to fix your sewer line before this occurs. Don’t let your sewer line fail.

10 symptoms of a damaged sewer line;

  1. Sewage Backups and Blockages

  2. Sewer Gas Odor

  3. Mold Problem

  4. Slow Drain

  5. Extra Green and lush grass patches

  6. Indentation in lawn or under pavers

  7. Foundation Cracks, Sinkholes

  8. Septic Waste Pooling in Yard

  9. Rodent Problem

  10. Insect Infestation


Water Main

A water main is an underground system that delivers water from the street to the property. Because this pipe is under high pressure, once the line breaks water will continue to flow until its fixed.

What causes a water main break?

  • Extreme weather changes cause the water main to break due to the contraction and expansion of the earth.

  • Old water mains are made of iron. Iron is not a forgiving pipe material and cracks when it expands and contracts with extreme weather change.

  • A previous pipe break or nearby construction often erodes soil around the water main line which can cause the pipe to break.

  • Older pipes are not cement lined and corrode inside and out.

  • The break rate of a pipe increases with age. Although age alone doesn’t necessarily mean the pipe will break.

  • A main water line could break due to human factors. A homeowner or construction worker could accidentally hit the line with a back-hoe or shovel breaking the line.

How to replace a water line?


Gas Main

Natural gas runs from the gas line into the home through a gas meter. The gas company is responsible for maintaining and operating the gas pipeline up to the gas meter, and the property owner is responsible for the maintenance from the gas meter to the appliances. Natural gas enters the home through the gas meter to the gas main and finally distributed to the heater, stove and drier.

How to you know that you have a gas leak?

  • Look. Look to see if theres any dead of dying vegetation around the gas pipe. This is a sign that you may have a gas leak.

  • Smell. Natural gas is vaporous and invisible to the eyes but has a “rotten egg” like smell that accompanies it.

  • Listen. Listen for a hissing sound or roaring sound from gas pipe locations.

If you suspect you have a gas leak evacuate the premises and immediately call the SoCalGas Company 1(800)427-2200. No leak is too small to report.

It’s important to shut off the gas when working with the gas line. The main gas shutoff valve is located at the gas meter and give the valve a quarter turn to shutoff.

How do I get my Gas Main repaired?

It’s important to hire a professional and experienced technician to instal or repair your main gas line. Natural gas can leak into the air if the line is installed incorrectly and can be very dangerous to your health and home. At Willy’s Plumbing Inc. all our technicians are properly trained in installing and working with gas mains. Call today to schedule a plumber!