Rooter/Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning


Drain clogs are a common occurrence for every homeowner, business, and company at some point. Material like toilet paper and objects get stuck in the pipes, usually caused by roots within the line. Professional plumbers use video sewer line cameras to locate and asses the problem. Once they’ve done that, a rooter can be passed through to clear the line, or Hydro-Jetting can be done to efficiently clean the line.

Drain Video Sewer Camera

Sewer Line Inspection

When a technician is called to unclogged a sewer main the first thing that has to be done is a sewer line inspection. A Video camera inspection checks to see if there’s any damage or broken pipes. They will identify where and what is causing the blockage. If there’s complete blockage a mechanical rooting will need to be done to establish water flow so that the line is visible on the camera.

What does a video camera inspection tell us?

Once the video camera has located the problem area, there’s a locator on the camera that tells the technician where and how deep the problem area is. From the camera its easy to identify if the pipe has;

  • Cracked or broken

  • Dislocated pipe joints

  • Roots penetrating the pipe

Depending on the problem, you could have the line rooted or Hydro-Jetted to clear the line.

Rooter Service

How does it clear the line?

Plumbing snakes are a long metal tube with a cable inside that has a corkscrew blade attached to one end and a motorized crank on the other side. The corkscrew blade passes through the line reaching the clog. As the snake pushes through the clog it clears the line.

When do you snake a line?

Snaking a line is ideal for slow draining lines, minor clogs or when items are stuck in the drain like; paper, food, or objects. It’s a temporary fix, but the line will eventually clog again. For a more efficient clean refer to Hydro-Jetting below.


What is Hydro-Jetting?

Hydro-Jetting is the process of attaching a high pressurized hose to the clean out. The machine pressurizes water thats force clears out the drain.

When do you Hydro Jet?

Snaking doesn’t throughly clear the line where Hydro-Jetting clears most of all clogs. Hydro-Jetting clears the drains of everything including the buildup of minerals built up in the walls. Hydro-Jetting cleaning is ideal for sewer lines, kitchen block drains, laundry lines, tubes, showers, lavatory, sinks and floor drains.

Benefits of Hydro-Jetting?

  1. Cleans not just unclogging. Hydro-Jetting cleans the pipes for a longer lasting resolution.

  2. Accurate and Consistent Cleaning. Hydro-Jetting allows underground pipes to be cleaned without having to dig up the ground.

  3. Powerful and Efficient Residual Removal. Hydro-Jetting is capable of penetrating deeper into build up of debris, and flush out roots, rocks, minerals and any other obstructions clogging the drain.

  4. More Economical and Environmentally Safe. Clearing a pipe with a Hydro-Jet system delays another cleaning four times longer than clearing with a snake.